Meet the Dogs

This page is all about our amazing Dogs, both operational and trainees.

Most of our dogs have they’re own Twitter pages, click on an image to be taken to their page.

Operational – Level 3 Air Scenting

 Search Dog Zak

Breed – Border Collie

Handler – Kev

Search Dog Kai

Breed – Border Collie

Handler – Pam

Search Dog Milo

Breed – Collie Cross

Handler – Joe

Search Dog Oppo

Breed – Springer Spaniel

Handler – Bug


Operational – Level 2 Hasty Dog

All our dogs are currently in training or have achieved a Level 3 qualification.

Non-Operational – Level 1 Trainee

Trainee Search Dog Zak

Breed – Border Collie

Handler – Sue

Trainee Search Dog Bentley

Breed – Cocker Spaniel

Handler – Nick


Trainee Search Dog Wilson

Breed – Collie Cross

Handler – Sarette

Trainee Search Dog Rusty

Breed – Border Collie

Handler – Kev