L3 Search Dog Milo & Handler Joe

joe2 Milo is a red and white border collie. He was born on the 19 Mar 2009. Milo started training as a search dog that January and was up for L2 Hasty assessment in Mar 2011. He was then ready for L3 Area on the Dec 2011.joe1
Milo has had a successful search career with his first find months after qualifying. Milo was one of a litter of six from a farm in west Hampshire. He lives happy at home with his two cat. 
joeandmilo Joe started his search career it the same time as Milo but started of as a dogs body. While Joe was training Milo, He was an operational support and then qualified as a Dog Handler. Joe has since done a MISPER management course and is looking to do water safety training.