L3 Search Dog Kai & Handler Pam

How long have you been a member of the team?
Since December 2007

How and why did you get involved? 
I was in the TA and my partner at the time introduced me to the dog team. Following this, I left the TA to give as much time as I could manage to assist in training the search dogs, knowing they are a fantastic assist to the people of Hampshire.
What is your role on the team?
Level 3 handler with search dog Kai and treasurer for the charity.
What’s the most rewarding aspect? 
Attending operational searches to help find whoever needs to be found. And knowing that me and search dog Kai can make a difference.
What’s the least enjoyable element? 
(Not trying to discourage people, but anyone interested in the team should know that it takes a lot of time / money; that being called out of bed at 3am is a possibility etc) Being a team member can be costly. We train twice a week all over Hampshire, and all members pay their own fuel costs.
What’s your day job? 
 I’m a canine hydrotherapist and own my own business in Romsey.
Have you got any additional skills you bring to the team? 
I am qualified to teach people about lost person behaviour relating to search and rescue.
What type of dog is Kai?
Kai is a border collie and was born in May 2011.
What’s his favourite toy? 
He loves to play tug with his Kong Wubba
How long has Kai been a search dog?
Kai has been learning to search from 12 weeks of age. He passed his first level, hasty assessment, in December 2012 after 16 months training. We then went on to train for our area, passing in March 2014, another 14 months training.
Why did you decide to train Kai.
I had been involved with the team for 3 1/2 years, and got Kai specifically to train him for search and rescue. The dogs absolutely love having something to learn and take part in every week.