How long have you been a member of the team?
Since February 2015
How and why did you get involved? 
After suffering an injury and being medically retiring from the Fire Service I looked for another way to be involved in Search & Rescue. I have a huge interest in dog behaviour, so a Dog Search & Rescue team ticks all the boxes for me.
What is your role on the team?
I’m the Membership Secretary and Operational support.
What’s the most rewarding aspect? 
Most importantly the opportunity to make a difference to vulnerable people who need help. Witnessing the brilliant work of the dogs and how much they enjoy it. A great sense of Teamwork. Working alongside the Police, Coastguard, ALSAR, helicopters, police boats and callouts (even on dark rainy nights) is much more rewarding than watching telly!!
What’s the least enjoyable element? 
Cost of fuel.
Any additional skills you bring to the team?
As an ex Firefighter I have some generic skills for Search & Rescue.
What’s your day job? 
Decorator & Interior Designer