Meet the Team

“It’s a big commitment but very worthwhile especially when you know you saved a life.”

Pam, Search Dog Handler

The Team Search Dogs and Handlers

Some of our team Operational and Training Supports

Our Retired Team Search Dogs

Retired Search Dog Zak (Handler Kev)
Retired Search Dog Milo (Handler Joe)
Retired Search Dog Milo gave an incredible 9 years to searching. Joe was the youngest ever Lowland Rescue operational Dog Handler at the time of qualifying. In that time Milo saved many lives. Milo and Joe selflessly gave hundreds of hours to helping find vulnerable, missing people. Now retired, Milo lives at home in Hampshire with Joe and family.

Retired Search Dog Kai (Handler Pam)

“I joined the team in April 2018 starting as a dogsbody (training support) mostly to get some fresh air and exercise, but later decided to train as Operational Support.  Favourite activity? Playing advanced hide and seek with the dogs at training. Specialist role? Going through any undergrowth…”  

Gill, TRAINING support