Meet our new Trainee Search Dog, Chhubohe

Level 1 Trainee Search Dog Chhubohe

Welcome to our new Level 1 Trainee Search Dog Chhubohe! A springer spaniel, Chhubohe (pronounced Chub Chay) is named after a mountain in the Damodar Himal region of Nepal. In November 2013 Bug Wrightson (Chhubohe’s handler) was the first person to climb the 5640m peak along with his climbing companion and 2 Sherpas. 

Bug has been an operational dog handler in Hampshire Search & Rescue Dogs for many years. He said, “I’m really pleased with the way Chhubohe performed in his initial assessments, especially for such a young dog. Due to his age we’ll be taking it very gently to start with but initial indications look good. Training him alongside keeping my current dog, Search Dog Oppo, operational will be busy – arguably just having 2 crazy Springers in the house is enough of a challenge – but I’m looking forward to it.”

We will share snippets of their training over the coming months for you all to enjoy!

We continue to deliver essential training with in the government charity sector rules in a Covid-19 safe environment. We remain operational and providing our life saving service to our community. 

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